What is this?

An experiment in fast writing. Thinking in progress about technology, design, heritage, music and sound - and where they all intersect. Precursors to fully formed ideas and projects. A notebook in progress.

This began as an escape from the writer’s block of longer form ‘public’ pieces. It is my semi-private way of sharing thoughts and ideas in a range of interconnected fields with a close knit community of readers without the all-seeing eye of social media.

Think of it as an art project, or a diary of ideas related to my thinking across many domains. It is not an extension of my ‘work’ - topics will vary and intersect.

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You can find some of the longer pieces I’ve written on Medium, at freshandnew.org (mostly museum-related, 2005-2015), and Cyclic Defrost (mostly music-related, 1999-now). There’s a bunch of other places too but those are the main three for uncommissioned pieces.

I use Substack.com to manage and publish this.