29. Multi-sensorial memories & seamful-ness

28. C86, coziness, conceptronica

27. Experience malls & bonus beats

26. Story games and game stories

25. Ghosts & the spectral

24. Listening & clubs & listening clubs

23. Closing loops

22. On easter eggs, extended media, inclusivity through exclusivity

Patrons only: letterbox delivery

21. On old software & media

20. On visiting again

19. On videogames, complexity, nostalgia

18. On the blockbuster (in many forms)

17. On immersion and interactivity

16. On doors

15. On text adventures

14. On something approximating podcasts

13. On 'digital' leadership

12. On piles and stacks (of dead media)

11. On machine learning & museums


An experiment in fast writing. Thinking in progress about technology, design, heritage, music and sound - and where they all intersect. Precursors to fully formed ideas and projects. A notebook in progress.